Video: Brown wins after Bryant player mistakenly runs out clock

William Mancebo/Getty Images

You know those airline advertisements where someone does something embarrassing, and it ends with a voiceover asking, “Wanna get away?”

Bryant freshman guard Ikenna Ndugba just lived that scenario.

After Brown scored a go-ahead layup with under 4 seconds remaining, Ndugba took the inbounds pass but appeared to have mistaken Bryant’s deficit for a lead, as he dribbled out the clock and threw the ball in the air as time expired on Brown’s 91-90 win Monday.

It was a rather wild sequence as Bryant’s Nisre Zouzoua hit a 3-pointer with under 12 seconds left to put the Bulldogs out in front, 90-89, but then Brown responded with a coast-to-coast layup from Tavon Blackmon.

That’s when things went wrong for Bryant as Ndugba seemingly lost track of the situation, an unfortunate mistake for a young player. Making matters worse, Ndugba was guarding Blackmon when he scored the game-winner and he appears to pull back and allow the Brown guard to score, not wanting to foul to give up a three-point play. 

There’s certainly no guarantee, of course, that Bryant would have been able to get a good look let alone make a game-winner in those circumstances, but that’s a particularly tough way to lose.