VIDEO: Southern Illinois’ Barry Hinson sounds off on … Arkansas fans?

Peter Aiken/Getty Images

No one has ever told Southern Illinois head coach Barry Hinson that he’s short on personality.

He’s never shied away from ripping his players or his coaching staff in the media. He’s never worried about being politically incorrect. He says what he feels when he feels it, and it makes for entertaining video and some wild quotes.

On Monday night, after losing to Arkansas in Fayetteville, Hinson scolded … Arkansas’ fan base?

“You want me to be honest?” Hinson said, before launching into a rant about all that is wrong with the state of Hog hoops. “That’s not an Arkansas crowd. That’s not a Razorback crowd.”

Arkansas sold 13,308 tickets for the game, but estimated actual attendance listed on the official box score was 4,270. They drew an estimated 7,504 fans to their home opener against Fort Wayne. Typically, Arkansas has had one of the best home courts in the SEC.

“You want me to get on your crowd?” Hinson continued. “Here’s what I’ll tell you. I’ve been in here. I’ve been in here with coach. You guys know when I was in here. I told our guys, when they bring that damn Arkansas flag out with three minutes to go in the game, and you’re yelling your ass off and they can’t hear you? That’s what it’s all about.”

“That’s not the Razorback crowd I know. Where’s the camera?” Hinson said, who, by now, is talking directly into the camera lens. “You gotta get your butts back in this gym. That team deserves it. That university deserves it. Buy your tickets and get your butts back in here. Because this place is hard to win when they’re calling the hogs. And when they bring out that damn flag, man, it’s unbelievable. But tonight it wasn’t like that.”

I’ve never seen anything like that before.