Mod allows for college hoops mode on NBA 2K17

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College basketball is seemingly always the second-fiddle to college football. From television ratings to attendance to general anecdotal interest, the gridiron dominates. That’s just as true in the world of video games, where EA Sports’ NCAA Football title is one of the most beloved sports franchises in gaming. Few people ever got worked up about College Slam.

Of course, you can’t play college video games for the most part anymore since litigation began in the Ed O’Bannon case. But there is now a hoops workaround for PS4 and NBA 2K17 owners.

One enterprising gamer created a mod that allows for 36 college teams, jerseys and venues to be imported into the game. Here’s the tutorial for how to get it done:


Pretty nifty, huh? So go ahead and hit the virtual hardwood with your favorite program, already. You can probably get more than a few simulated seasons in before the real one starts Nov. 11.