Georgetown announces proposal promotion


These are actual promotions the Georgetown marketing department has created and executed in recent seasons:

  1. Giving away cups of Kale Caesar Salads to first 100 fans
  2. Filling the student section with non-students during winter break
  3. Allowing fans to banish extend family members to the other side of the arena during Thanksgiving break

On Monday, Chris Groose, the Georgetown marketing director, was back it. He announced that the Verizon Center will welcome any and all marriage proposals, before or after games, this season.

It gets better: if she says, “No,” you get you’re money back. He’s what the package entails:

“We get calls once in awhile from people wanting to propose at games, but I never saw anything really put in stone about it, like an official package for it,” Grosse told Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo Sports on Monday afternoon. “We tried to put together a package of the best things we can offer. We released it before single-game tickets went on sale so that people have plenty of time to plan.”

Hoya fans will have 17 chances to pop the question at a Georgetown home game. The first opportunity is on Nov. 12 when the Hoyas host USC Upstate in the season opener.