Is Larry Brown considering a job as a high school coach?

AP Photo/Jeffrey McWhorter

I’m not sure there is a coach in the history of coaching that has done more job-hopping than Larry Brown.

Since he first became a head coach of the Carolina Cougars back in 1972, Brown has been the head coach of 13 different basketball teams, ranging from the ABA to the NBA to college.

Only three of those 13 gigs last for more than four years, which is why it really wasn’t all that surprising when, in July, Brown opted to resign from SMU instead of coach the Mustangs for a fifth season.

And it shouldn’t really be a surprise that Brown is actively looking for another coaching gig.

In an interview with the Kansas City Star, Brown said that not only did he consider accepting a job as a coach in Italy, he’s currently looking into the possibility of coaching at a high school on Long Island.

“I want to teach,” Brown told the paper. “I’ve got to figure a way to continue doing this in some capacity.”

On the one hand, it would pretty awesome for those high school kids to learn from someone like Brown. On the other hand, if reports are true and left SMU over a contract dispute, it’s hard to imagine a high school replacing that revenue stream, even if it is a high school in the Hamptons.