VIDEO: Gregg Marshall charges refs in foreign tour game in Canada

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Gregg Marshall lost his mind on Monday.

In a come-from-behind win for the Shockers against McGill University in Montreal, Marshall was ejected after picking up a second technical foul. After he was ejected, Marshall rushed the floor and charged the referees. There was no physical contact, but he certainly did his best to intimidate the officials.

Here’s video of the incident:

What finally set Marshall off was a foul call on Zach Brown while he was boxing out, but it was three quarters worth of what he felt was poor officiating — including three instances where the Shockers were shorted a point by the scorekeepers — that set the stage for what happened.

The Wichita Eagle had their beat writer on site. Here’s his explanation of what set everything off:

Marshall wasn’t pleased with the officiating in a no-blood, no-foul game — center Rauno Nurger suffered a concussion and needed three stitches to close a cut on his chin.— and wasn’t pleased with his team’s play into the third quarter.

WSU trailed 58-46 late in the third period. Then the Shockers rallied and Marshall’s discontent with the calls grew. With WSU down 58-56, the game came to a turning point When McGill scored after Brown’s foul gave it possession back, Marshall attacked.

Here’s another angle of the incident: