Shaq says he wants his son to attend one of three schools


The good news when you’re Shaquille O’Neal’s son is that doors are going to be opened for you as a basketball player that wouldn’t be opened for many other kids.

Like — oh, I don’t know — working out with Kobe Bryant.

The downside is that it creates expectation. How often does a borderline top 50 recruit heading into the summer before his junior year end up on TMZ?

Shareef was back in the news this week thanks to his dad, who said on The Big Podcast With Shaq that there are only three schools he would want his son to attend.

“I would like my son to play for a coach that’s going to teach him next-level stuff,” he said. “I have three in mind: Johnny Jones, LSU, because I know him personally, Calipari and the coach from Michigan State, Tom Izzo. I’ve told my son many times, it’s your decision and it is (his) decision.”

But that’s not the only reason Shaq has his eyes on those three.

“I need somebody that’s gonna curse him out, treat him like a man. Those three guys are the ones I would like him to play for.”