Iguodala turns reporter’s question into Arizona recruiting pitch at NBA Finals

(Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images)

Former Arizona great Andre Iguodala is currently battling in his second consecutive NBA Finals with the Golden State Warriors. The veteran wing is a key presence in the Finals because of his ability to defend LeBron James and make things tough for the Cleveland Cavaliers on offense.

So, of course, Iguodala is taking a lot of questions from reporters the next few weeks on how the Warriors are defending James in the post. In a tweet from John Schuhmann of NBA.com, Iguodala answers his question by also giving a glowing endorsement for Arizona and its teachings.

With the Warriors also featuring a coaching staff that is heavy on former Wildcat alums, it’s easy to see why Iguodala would answer this way.

From Schuhmann:

School spirit runs deep with a lot of NBA players with regards to their former programs, so it’s no surprise to see Iguodala pump up Arizona and the coaching there. Although Iguodala never played for Sean Miller, the Wildcats have still continued to bring in a ton of high-level talent while also continuing to make plenty of deep tournament runs.