Terps players discuss how Running Man Challenge came to be


What began as a way for a few Maryland players to amuse themselves has turned into a viral Internet sensation.

The Terps created “The Running Man Challenge,” and now, with videos upon videos upon videos populating the Internet, it’s a bona fide sensation.

“We didn’t plan on it being as big as it is, it really just started with us messing around and having fun in the locker room,” the Terps’ Jaylen Brantley told the school’s website. “I realized it was probably going to be big when Villanova responded to our challenge of “Who wants to battle?” on Instagram after one of the videos. It’s just really taken off since then.”


You can find many of the Terps’ videos over at Jared Nickens’ Instagram page. Teams and players from across sports have gotten into the act as it gained popularity, but some have already begun saying it’s peaked as local newscasters are now doing their own dorky renditions.

“We were just having fun,” Jared Nickens said. “I’ve probably watched a thousand videos from across the country. I’m glad people are enjoying it so much.”
The Terps aren’t done with the fad yet.

“We’ve got a few things coming up but we’re not ready to release any details on it,” Brantley said. “There will be a brand new dance coming soon – one that Jaylen, Dion (Wiley), Melo (Trimble) and I created.

“We’ll keep you hanging for now though.”