JaKeenan Gant becomes the last in a long line of Missouri transfers

(AJ Reynolds/Athens Banner-Herald via AP)

Jakeenan Gant’s career at Missouri has come to an end, as the school confirmed on Thursday that the former top 100 recruit will be transferring out of the program.

“I’ll miss Columbia, but feel the need to make a move with my family and mother in mind,” Gant said in a release. According to the statement, his mom is sick and he wants to move to a school closer to her. “I want nothing but the best for Mizzou in the future and appreciate the friendships I’ve made in my time here.”

Gant, a 6-foot-9 sophomore that averaged 5.1 points this past season, has had a tumultuous career in Columbia. Just in the last three months, he’s had surgery on his shoulder and been arrested in one of the weirder instances of an athlete running afoul of the law; his roommate was wanted in connection with a couple of robberies, and when police searched the house, they found “marijuana smoking devices”.

This is not unusual for this Missouri team. They signed 12 players in their 2013 and 2014 recruiting classes, and none of them will be on the roster for the 2016-17 season. Of those 12, 11 of them either decided to transfer out of the program or were booted from the team. The only one that left in good standing? Keanau Post, a JuCo big man that graduated in 2015.