PHOTOS: Of course there were ‘crying Jordan’ memes

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It’s been this way for quite some time: an individual or team suffers disappointment, and social media rushes to apply the face of a crying Michael Jordan to their bodies. And with No. 1 North Carolina, Jordan’s alma mater, playing in Monday night’s title game against No. 2 Villanova you just knew that people wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to use “crying Jordan” had the Tar Heels lost.

Sure enough they did, as Kris Jenkins’ three-pointer at time expired gave Villanova the 77-74 victory. And with that came the deluge of “crying Jordan” memes. A few of them can be seen below, including one person applying the face of Villanova “piccolo girl” Roxanne Chalifoux to Jordan’s body (he was in attendance at the game).

And one other note about Chalifoux: she was able to watch her alma mater cut down the nets, one year after tearfully playing the Villanova fight song following the Wildcats’ upset loss to NC State.