Roy Williams cuts himself on scissors while trying to cut down the net


PHILADELPHIA — What is it with coaches injuring themselves during celebrations?

On Friday night, it was Notre Dame head coach Mike Brey that was dealing with a strained calf muscle that he suffered while coaching his team to a win over No. 7 Wisconsin. That came a year after Ron Hunter tore his achilles celebrating a trip to the NCAA Tournament with his Georgia State team.

And on Sunday night, it was Roy Williams, who managed to make himself bleed while cutting down a net.

“I told them I’d do that and I’d do it again,” Williams said, laughing at the press conference as his players gave him a hard time about his apparent inability to handle safely use scissors. “But I did bite my tongue and it was bleeding the whole first half two nights ago. It’s not very pleasant but I was screaming at Brice to get his rear end up off the ground. He’d slipped and fall and took a nap instead of getting up and running back on defense.”

“So, today I was up there cutting the net and I started to take a step back and felt the ladder moved a little bit, and I grabbed, and when I grabbed I grabbed the end of the scissors, started bleeding. I’ve really got very good looking blood. It’s very bright, very deep colors.”

Marcus Paige doesn’t have much experience cutting down nets. That’s why he had his own issues last night.

But Roy?

He’s been here.

He should be able to handle this.

You’d think.

“He should be used to cutting nets,” Paige said. “That’s something he’s done several times in his career. But couple of games ago he was bleeding as well. He came in the huddle and he was, like, guys I’ll bleed for you guys if you keep playing the way you’re playing.”

“It might be good luck.”

Brice Johnson added: “It must be good luck. So keep bleeding, Coach.”