YOU MAKE THE CALL: Should Isaac Humphries have gotten a technical for this? (VIDEO)

(AP Photo/James Crisp)

The best moment of Isaac Humphries’ basketball career turned into the worst moment in the span of about five seconds.

In his first truly meaningful minutes for the Wildcats, Humphries was having an unbelievable game. He had six points, 12 boards and two blocks for Kentucky, the majority of which came in the second half and helped solved the issue of Texas A&M’s offensive rebounding.

In overtime, with less than 15 seconds left and Kentucky up by one, Humphries blocked a shot and secured the rebound, a play that would give Kentucky a pair of free throws with a chance to push the UK lead to three.

The problem?

His celebration included this awkward spike, which earned him a technical foul from Pat Adams:

Should he have been called for the T here?

Personally, I don’t think so. I understand that spiking the ball is an automatic technical foul, but I think there’s room for nuance in that interpretation. Humphries wasn’t trying to show up the referee or any of Texas A&M’s players. He was a freshman that was far too exuberant about making the biggest play of his life and did something that he immediately regretted.

The worst part about this?

Humphries fouled out. The T was his fifth foul. And after Texas A&M made two free throws to take a 77-76 lead and Skal Labissiere, Humphries’ replacement, hit one to tie it at 77, the Aggies did this:

That offensive rebound came after Labissiere was tossed around like a rag doll by Tyler Davis. Humphries? He had 10 defensive boards on the night.