Illinois forward Leron Black facing aggravated assault charge

AP Photo/Robin Scholz

Illinois forward Leron Black, who has missed the last 19 games due to a knee injury, landed in hot water early Friday morning as he was arrested at a Champaign nightclub according to the Champaign News-Gazette.

Per the report Black threatened a bouncer after he and some other patrons were removed from the club. Black reportedly took umbrage with the way in which he and his group were treated, ultimately leading to the confrontation with the bouncer. Black was found to have a folding knife, resulting in his being charged with felony aggravated assault.

[University of Illinois Police Lt. Tom] Geis said the security guard told police that Black and others were inside the club and that security was trying to remove people when “Black became very belligerent and hostile toward the security guard,” Geis said.

“(Black) yelled ‘I don’t have a strap but I’m not afraid to cut somebody,’ ” Geis said. “Then the security guard said he pulled the knife, opened it and put it within 1 to 2 inches of his nose.”

Black could face anywhere from probation to 1-3 years in prison as a result of this charge. Illinois announced Friday that Black has been suspended indefinitely as the legal process plays out. With the many injuries they’ve had to deal with, this hasn’t been a smooth season for John Groce’s team. And this latest issue certainly doesn’t help matters moving forward.