Seton Hall guard being investigated for role in on-campus altercation

AP Photo/Orlin Wagner

After transferring to Seton Hall from Kansas State, guard Jevon Thomas is sitting out this season per NCAA transfer rules. Early Friday morning it was reported by The Setonian, Seton Hall’s campus newspaper, that Thomas was being investigated by the school for his role in an altercation at an intramural basketball game.

Per the report Thomas got involved in a physical altercation with a graduate student who was officiating the game in which the guard was playing over a call that was made. A student playing in the game gave his account of what occurred between Thomas and the other student.

Alex Washington, a student playing in the intramural game, saw the incident unfold.

“All I saw was the two of them arguing when our opponents were supposed to be taking a free throw,” Washington said. “They continued to argue and then Kevin kind of told him (Thomas) to leave but he wouldn’t. And Kevin didn’t push him but like put his hands on (Thomas’) chest to move him back. And J.T. (Thomas) shoved him (Matthews). That’s when everyone came and separated them. I thought everything was going to be fine then. But a few moments later the dude J.T. was choking him with two hands from behind the backboard too close to the glass by the weight room.”

According to the report the incident is being investigated by the Dean of Students. Thomas has two season of eligibility remaining, beginning with the 2016-17 season.