VIDEO: John Thompson Jr. was not happy with the refs last night


People that don’t get a chance to cover Georgetown basketball games may not realize just how close Big John Thompson is to that program.

He built Georgetown into a national power. His son coaches the team right now. He sits on the baseline for every game. And, just about every night, you can find him sneaking into the back of the press room for the post game press conference.

If you know about about Big John, it’s that he’s not afraid to speak his mind.

And he did just that last night:

JT III is asked a question about the officiating during Georgetown’s win over Creighton, and Big John cuts off his son.

“Last two games here at home have been terribly called,” he said. “You can tell the f***ing commissioner and everybody else in the Big East that I said that.”

After JT III provided a more diplomatic response, Big John closed down the presser with a simple directive to his son, a way to avoid getting in trouble with the league: “Shut up.”