VIDEO: Georgetown’s radio voice goes crazy when the ‘HOYAS WIN’

Image via @HoyasWin

Rich Chvotkin has been the voice of the Hoyas since November of 1974 so it’s not an exaggeration to say that he’s been on the mic for every single significant moment in the history of Georgetown basketball.

He’s a man that every Georgetown fan has come to know and love over the radio airwaves as he has made famous catchphrases like “muscle and tussle” and, my personal favorite, “a hooker in the lane”, but perhaps his most famous line is his “HOYAS WIN” screams when, yanno, the Hoyas win.

On Tuesday night, Georgetown beat Creighton at home, 74-73, in a thrilling comeback that, quite frankly, they had no business making. Creighton was up by 11 with a little more than two minutes left and lost.

That’s neither here nor there, however, because the real magic came with Chvotkin’s call, where he said “HOYAS WIN!” a mere 19 TIMES! 

Check it out:

The man himself says that is a record, and I’m inclined to believe him.