VIDEO: You Make The Call: Should Texas have beaten North Carolina?

(AP Photo/Eric Gay)

The biggest win in Shaka Smart’s short tenure as the head coach at Texas ended in thrilling fashion: A Javan Felix 15-footer at the buzzer to knock off No. 3 North Carolina.

But that excitement wasn’t without controversy.

There are actually two things to touch on here:

  1. If you’re wondering why Felix was so open there, watch Marcus Paige when the shot went up. He gets run over by Connor Lammert, or Brice Johnson, or both of them. Did Paige get fouled?
  2. Did Felix actually get the shot off before the buzzer?

Here’s my take: the call was too close to overrule on review when it came to Felix’s shot, although I think that he actually did get it off in time.

The Paige foul is more intriguing. I think that he probably did get fouled, but A) That call is never, ever going to get made, and B) Even if Paige doesn’t go flying, he would have been so far out of position, pinned down by Lammert, that he never would have challenged Felix’s jumper anyway.

What’s your take?