Ben Bentil to get x-ray on injured ankle

(AP Photo/Alex Gallardo)

Providence had to hang on to beat a depleted — don’t eat Chipotle — Boston College team at home on Wednesday night because they played the second half without three starters.

Kris Dunn played the first half but sat out the second 20 minutes because he had the same stomach bug that forced Ryan Fazekas to miss the game. Those will clear up eventually.

The more concerning injury, however, is to starting center Ben Bentil, who may be the most improved player in the country and had 16 points and eight boards in the first half. Towards the end of the half, Bentil went down grabbing his left ankle. He returned to the bench in the second half on crutches but without ice on the injury.

“He’s sore,” head coach Ed Cooley said. “He’ll get an x-ray and hopefully he’s okay.”

If the injury is serious to Bentil, that would be a devastating blow to a Providence team that has climbed to 15th in the AP Poll.