VIDEO: Hawai’i guard Quincy Smith completes dunk with one shoe

Hawaii Athletics

Wednesday night Hawai’i moved to 5-1 on the season with a comfortable 75-47 win over Arkansas-Pine Bluff, using a balanced scoring effort to take care of the Golden Lions. And as one would expect from such a beating there were highlights for the home team, most notably guard Quincy Smith’s first half drive to the basket.

After he and Roderick Bobbitt combined to force a turnover at mid-court, Smith took off towards the basket focused on throwing down a two-handed dunk. Only one problem: Smith’s right shoe fell off as he jumped to complete the play. So instead of a dunk with some kind of power it was more of a fingertip deal for Smith, but I’m willing to give him credit for the dunk.

Dunking barefoot is pretty tough, much less doing so while losing one of your shoes in the midst of jumping.