Bill Self: NCAA ‘not 100 percent accurate’ in Cheick Diallo case


Kansas head coach Bill Self is just about fed up with the NCAA over their handling of the Cheick Diallo case.

So much so that the program has hired independent groups to review the course, according to The Kansas City Star.

“Needless to say, we’re very upset,” Self told Rustin Dodd of the Kansas City Star. “The NCAA was given a list of 19 things 11 days ago on discrepancies or missteps or things that we really struggled with, and they said they would respond to us in writing, and they have yet to do that. So we decided to go ahead and take matters into our own hands. And we have found out that everything they have told us in why he wasn’t eligible — they even brought up class attendance, which wasn’t true, they brought up curriculum changes that weren’t true — they brought up several things that weren’t 100 percent accurate.”

Diallo is a top ten recruit in the class of 2015, the kind of high motor nergy player that would fit perfectly alongside Perry Ellis and Carlton Bragg in the KU front court. But the NCAA has yet to clear him to due initial eligibility concerns that they have regarding Diallo’s time at Our Savior New American, the high school he attende in Long Island after arriving in the United States from Mali.

“If we were going to do their job for them and research all this stuff,” Self added, “all we would have known was back in early September what the problems were. And we could have done this an this young man would have never been in question about his eligibility, at least from our standpoint and based on what they have told us.”

Diallo was cleared by the NCAA to travel to Maui for the Maui Invitational this week.