POSTERIZED: Gabe York dunked on by a man-bun (VIDEO)

AP Photo

Arizona blew out Chico State in an exhibition game last night, a result that really isn’t all that noteworthy.

They won by 36 points. Ryan Anderson finished with 19 points and 10 boards, threw down a bunch of dunks and looked like Arizona’s best player. Mark Tollefson, Kadeem Allen and Gabe York all started with Justin Simon, Allonzo Trier and Parker Jackson-Cartwright came off the bench. Arizona shot 2-for-13 from three and played some zone late in the game.

Beyond that, there really isn’t much to take from these exhibitions.

Well, except for the highlights.

And we got one. Senior guard Gabe York got posterized by a Chico State player that I am unable to identify but that does have a man-bun:

Getting posterized is bad enough. Getting posterized by a dude with a man-bun? He may never hear the end of it in the locker room.