LSU’s Jones doesn’t expect Louisville scandal to sideline freshman


With former escort Katina Powell releasing her book “Breaking Cardinal Rules” earlier this month, one of the questions was what would happen to the current college basketball players whose names appear in the book. Among those named are Ohio State freshman JaQuan Lyle and LSU freshman Antonio Blakeney, and with the NCAA lacking subpoena power current players become likely interview subjects for the investigation.

LSU head coach Johnny Jones was asked about the status of his freshman guard at SEC Media Day in Charlotte on Wednesday, and Jones is confident that Blakeney won’t be sidelined as a result of the ongoing investigation according to

“I’m not privy to all the information, and it’s an ongoing investigation, but to the best of my knowledge, I don’t think he felt as though he wasn’t aware of what was going on,” Jones said.

Asked if he thought he would have to hold Blakeney out of any games Jones said he did not.

Both Blakeney and Lyle have spoken to the NCAA regarding this case, and like Jones the people at Ohio State were confident that their freshman was in no danger of missing time as a result. While current players can be painted into a corner of sorts when it comes to situations such as this, avoiding punishment comes down to being forthright with information.

And while critics of the NCAA will argue about the fairness of dangling eligibility over the head of an athlete, that’s the way these things have and will be handled due to the organization’s lack of subpoena power over those who aren’t a part of collegiate athletics as a coach, player or administrator.

Video credit: ESPN