College basketball calendar won’t change anytime soon

Associated Press

Early Wednesday Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury wrote an article in which he made note of a conversation he had with NCAA vice president of men’s basketball Dan Gavitt about the possibility of moving back the start of the college basketball season. This idea was proposed by Pac-12 deputy commissioner Jamie Zaninovich in March (and others before him), with the move to make college basketball a one-semester sport seen as something that could potentially benefit all involved.

Gavitt did note to Wilner that there are some within college sports would like to see the possibility be addressed, but that doesn’t mean the NCAA is anywhere near deciding to begin the college basketball season in mid-December. Wednesday evening Gavitt issued a statement on the matter, noting that the NCAA has tournament dates locked in through 2018 (first/second and regional rounds) and 2021 (Final Four).

That’s one important reason why a calendar switch won’t be coming anytime soon.

“The topic of shifting the NCAA men’s basketball season and the championship is not currently under formal discussion nor on the agenda of the Division I men’s basketball committee,” Gavitt said in the statement.

Of course with “March Madness” being a staple in American sports, more than a few reacted negatively to suggestions that college basketball should be played in just one semester. Also worth considering, which was noted by Gavitt in Wilner’s story, is the need for arenas during the NCAA tournament.

In the current setup the NCAA won’t have an issue setting dates for the NCAA tournament. However moving to one semester would likely put the NCAA tournament up against the NBA and NHL playoffs when it comes to arena dates should they want to use pro arenas, and good luck getting those franchises to give up those dates.