Report: ‘Lack of control’, ‘unethical conduct’ among violations Donnie Tyndall faces

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Yesterday, reported that the NCAA had finished their investigation into Donnie Tyndall and the alleged violations he committed while at Southern Miss, and at the Notice of Allegations was expected to come soon.

On Thursday, furthered that report, saying that Tyndall is going to be hit with violations ranging from academic fraud involving incoming recruits, illegal benefits provided to athletes that did not qualify to play immediately and “a lack of control that falls under the unethical conduct”, and that the Notice of Allegations should be available before the weekend.

Those type of infractions tend to draw show-cause penalties, per the report.

Tyndall spent two seasons as the head coach at Southern Miss, leaving to replace Cuonzo Martin at Tennessee prior to the 2014-15 season. He was fired by Tennessee in March because of the NCAA’s investigation.

Former Nebraska coach Doc Sadler is currently the head coach at Southern Miss.