Coach K shares a story of the time he got a picture with Beyonce

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A couple of years back, a photo of Beyonce and Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski made the rounds on the interwebs.

I’m sure you’ve seen it before, with Coach K’s face flushed with the excitement anyone would have if they had the chance to meet Bey:


Over the weekend, Coach K joined WRAL to discuss a multitude of questions, one of which was about that picture. He explained how it came to be:

“You can see, this picture is taken in December,” Coach K said. “I was presenting LeBron James a Sports Illustrated Man of the Year, he asked me to come up and present him. I wanted to meet her. Jay-Z was sitting next to me and Beyonce was there.”

“He didn’t have anything to worry about with me. After the ceremony was over, I had to get back but they took a photo of me, LeBron and Jay-Z. My street cred is just bouncing high. But I don’t meet Beyonce, so I go out and say, ‘I have to meet her’. I say, ‘I’m Coach K,’ and she says, ‘Coach, I just heard you speak for 10 minutes. I know who you are.’ So I felt like 13. Then I asked her something I never ask anybody hardly ever to do, ‘Would you please take a picture with me?’ In taking that picture, when they showed it, my face is all red and I look like I’m 11. It doesn’t show her patting me on the head.”

“It was me being petrified. But she’s cool.”