NCAA adopts college basketball rule changes for 2015-16 season

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The NCAA announced important rule changes for the 2015-16 on Monday.

Men’s basketball will go from 35 to 30 seconds for the shot clock, a three-foot restricted-area arc is now four feet and five timeouts per team per game has been changed to four (with no more than three timeouts carrying over to the second half from the first).

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel, which is chaired by Belmont head coach Rick Byrd, also decided the 10-second backcourt clock will not reset when a timeout is called and they eliminated a coaches’ ability to call live-ball timeouts.

The shot clock moving to 30 seconds is obviously the biggest change to the game for fans and it’s meant to give each team’s offense more possessions and scoring opportunities. The reduction of timeouts also makes the game more watchable towards the end since it will mean more game action instead of a ton of stoppages and commercial breaks.

With the move to the four-foot restricted-area arc the hope is that it will reduce the number of collisions under the hoop that can at-times frequently stop play.

Also of note, women’s college basketball on Monday elected to go to four 10-minute quarters. Could that be the next movement that starts to hit men’s college basketball?