Wisconsin’s Nigel Hayes helps with Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day (VIDEO)


Before Riley Curry was winning over the heart of America with her press conference shenanigans during the NBA Playoffs, Wisconsin rising junior forward Nigel Hayes was having fun using big words in press conferences during the 2015 NCAA Tournament to test the NCAA’s stenographer.

Hayes had fun using the rare words through the Badgers’ run to the title game and he had multiple encounters with stenographers at different tournament venues. This offseason, Hayes is staying sharp with his vocabulary as he helped out Dictionary.com with their Word of the Day.

On Thursday, Hayes made a video to celebrate the website choosing, “floccipaucinihilipilificationas the Word of the Day.

It’s good to see Nigel is still working to increase his vocabulary this summer and it’ll be interesting to see if he tries to bust out some more big words during his junior season.