Former Michigan State, Notre Dame center goes on Twitter rant about NCAA


Twitter can be a medium filled with words that don’t offer up a whole lot of value, but it can also be the stage for incredibly entertaining thoughts that normally wouldn’t be made public. That was the case Wednesday evening as Garrick Sherman, a former player at Michigan State and Notre Dame, took to Twitter after his professional season in Georgia (the country, not the state) came to an end hours earlier.

The topics Sherman touched on that grabbed attention included marijuana use amongst college basketball players, and how he helped a former teammate pass a drug test. Sherman, who stated during the rant that he “may or may not have consumed some alcohol” since his team’s season came to an end, said he did so more to expose the NCAA than to bring any kind of trouble upon Michigan State.

But even if the NCAA were to ask about any of this they don’t have subpoena power, so it isn’t as if Sherman would have to say anything to them. Warning: there’s some bad language in a couple of the tweets.

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