Jaylen Brown challenges Lil B to one-on-one

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Be careful what you wish for, Jaylen Brown.

A consensus top three recruit in the Class of 2015, Brown — a 6-foot-6 wing from Georgia — challenged the Based God to a game of one-on-one:

Don’t know who the Based God is?

He’s a rapper from Berkeley, California, that goes by the name Lil B. He and his group, The Pack, turned a couple of popular Bay Area mixtapes into a couple of hit records a few years back. The only reason he’s still relevant is that he put a curse on Kevin Durant back in 2011, after Durant insulted his ability to rap. Lil B put a curse on Durant, saying he’d never win an NBA championship.

And Durant, to date, has not.

So like I said, be careful, Jaylen.