Terry Rozier surprises three-year old at his birthday party


It’s not an exaggeration to say that Terry Rozier is entering the most important two-month stretch of his life.

The former Louisville guard will be busy — and has been busy since the end of the NCAA tournament — working out, trying to convince NBA teams that he is deserving of a first round pick and guaranteed contract. But on Sunday, he managed to find the time to surprise a three year old at his Terry Rozier-themed birthday party.

Here’s the story, from CardChronicle:

Miles is obsessed with Terry Rozier — his party was already going to have a Terry cake and Miles wanted to wear his Terry jersey. In fact when they pretend to play ball in the basement everyone can choose who they like, but NO one besides Miles can be Terry.


Meredith met Terry and took a picture with him to show Miles. She explained to Terry how much Miles loved him and that his party was centered around Terry. Terry then mentioned if he had time on Sunday he would love to stop by. Meredith didn’t think too much about it but gave him their address.

Low and behold, we’re all hanging around outside at the party tonight, and around the corner walks Terry Rozier.

The pictures, of which CardChronicle has plenty more, are awesome:


Rozier spent an hour and a half there.