Derek Anderson apologizes for his negative comments about Kentucky, Calipari


Last week, Derek Anderson had some critical things to say about John Calipari, Kentucky and the way that the program has operated for the last six seasons.

Those comments were completely off-base, and we took him to task for it.

We were also far from the only ones to do so, which is why Anderson, over the weekend, apologized for the comments and tried to make amends with Big Blue Nation:

First let me apologize to Dakari Johnson if he felt offended by my example of what I meant for players to stay in school is more important than rushing to the NBA. I want the best for EVERY player and person on this earth so my intent was to hopefully bring the awareness of what could happen. I want to apologize to Coach Cal if I offended him as my comments where my opinion in which ALL UK fans and people have made in which they where not meant to be taken personal like some people chose to do.

I’m sure that Anderson did not expect to get the backlash he got for the comments that he made.