Frank Kaminsky comments on Andrew Harrison controversy: ‘Nothing needs to be made out of it’


One of the hot-button topics in the aftermath of No. 1 Wisconsin’s win over No. 1 Kentucky Saturday night was the offensive statement muttered by Kentucky guard Andrew Harrison in response to teammate Karl-Anthony Towns being asked a question about Wisconsin senior big man Frank Kaminsky.

Shortly after the comment came to light Harrison took to Twitter to apologize for his actions, and he also reached out to Kaminsky personally regarding the matter. During Wisconsin’s media availability on Sunday both Kaminsky and head coach Bo Ryan were asked about the incident, with both acknowledging the situation and the fact that Harrison reached out to apologize for his words.

“Yeah, he reached out to me,” Kaminsky said. “We talked about it. Over it. Nothing needs to be made out of it.”

“Yeah, in this day and age, it always reminds all of us,” Ryan added when asked if this can serve as a “teachable moment.” “It reminds us that whatever we say can and will be heard, it seems. So, yeah, the teaching moment is the individual himself learned from it obviously by reaching out to Frank. So we’ll leave it at that.”

It’s pretty clear that Wisconsin simply wants to move on to the task at hand, which for them is their national title game against No. 1 Duke Monday night. And the Badgers’ situation can be compared to the one that Mike Krzyzewski’s first national title team experienced in 1991.

Duke beat then-undefeated UNLV 79-77 in the national semifinals, and their win (somewhat) avenged a 30-point loss to the Runnin’ Rebels in the 1990 national title game. While there was some celebrating the Blue Devils hadn’t achieved their goal at that point, which was to win the national title. Duke was able to do that two nights later against Kansas.