Arrests made as Michigan State fans gather, set fires near off-campus apartments after Sweet 16 win (VIDEO)


After Michigan State’s Sweet 16 win over Oklahoma on Friday night, students near the off-campus Cedar Village Apartments gathered and set fires, according to a story from The State News.

Police in riot gear were dispatched to the scene and East Lansing police estimated around 500 people gathered near the off-campus apartments. Three arrests were made for disorderly conduct, unlawfully remaining within 300 feet of an open fire.

East Lansing police released a statement on the matter:

“Upon making these arrests, the crowd immediately began to disperse. Officers were able to gain control over the situation within 15 minutes of the fire starting, which in turn eliminated any escalation of the disturbance. No chemical crowd management devices were utilized during this incident.”

According to The State News report, glass bottles were also being thrown into the air as well as some fireworks. Here’s some video of the action near Michigan State’s campus last night.

I’m all for college kids having fun — and usually support a good court storming when it’s safe –but the destruction of property over a Sweet 16 win is just stupid. Given Michigan State’s reputation for this sort of behavior, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Hopefully people celebrate responsibly if the Spartans keep advancing in the Tournament.