After being posterized by Kentucky’s Willie Cauley-Stein, Florida’s Devin Robinson wants revenge (VIDEO)

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Florida freshman forward Devin Robinson will be remembered this season for being the victim of a brutal poster dunk by Kentucky’s Willie Cauley-Stein earlier in the year.

Robinson is doing his best to move on from the play.

During an interview with KSTV on Thursday, Robinson said that he was going to get back at Cauley-Stein with a dunk of his own, if given the chance.

Here’s the full clip of Robinson’s thoughts on the matter:

In order to move on after a play like that Robinson needs to be confident, but did he need to go on camera and say this? A freshman calling out a junior All-American and college basketball’s best defender is a really bold move and Cauley-Stein could just as easily attempt to dunk on Robinson again if he’s not careful.

Either way, it should add for an intriguing side-plot to Friday’s SEC quarterfinal.