Jim Boeheim: ‘I wish I had another solution’ to the postseason ban


Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim joined the Dan Dakich show on 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis on Thursday to discuss, among other things, the self-imposed postseason ban that the school imposed and whether or not it is fair to his players.

“The one problem we all have is that most violations occur in the past. So the present team is affected,” Boeheim told Dakich. “There really isn’t, I wish I had another solution. Somebody said you could fine the school $5 million or $10 million. I’d be all for that. That way players aren’t penalized. But then people would say ‘well, it’s a rich school. They just bought their way out.’ So, I don’t have an answer for how you punish schools when a violation occurred years ago.”

“If I had nothing to do with any violation and that was the proposal, I would take it,” Boeheim added when asked about accepting a personal suspension instead of a postseason ban. “I would take that punishment. I am responsible, I am in charge of the program. The NCAA can hold coaches responsible, as you know, with the new legislation.”

“I have been to the tournament. I would much rather have the players go to the tournament.”

Here is the entire interview:

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