New Mexico guard Hugh Greenwood wants more out of his teammates

source: AP

New Mexico senior point guard has had a great four-year career and he’s going through an especially difficult time right now during a six-game losing streak.

According to Geoff Grammer of the Albuquerque Journal, Greenwood said that his young teammates aren’t putting in the necessary work to get things done in the win column this season.

“It’s really tough. This is not how I wanted to go out,” Greenwood said to reporters. “Having said that, there’s still three games left then the Mountain West Conference Tournament. … We’re confident moving forward. I think with the success we’ve had the last three years, this is just something we’re not used to. I think with a lot of guys coming in here for the first time, I don’t think it means as much as it should. They don’t understand what Lobo basketball is about and it’s about winning and competing and playing for championships. … That’s what I said to the fellas, it’s got to mean something to them.”

Obviously some pointed comments from a senior about some of the younger players on the team. It also hurts the Lobos that two older players in Cullen Neal and Jordan Goodman have missed a lot of practice time this season. Those two rotation guys in practice and the lineup would have surely picked up the intensity, but it’s been a tough season for the Lobos as they sit at 14-13 and 6-9 in the Mountain West.