Anthony Davis guarantees a Kentucky basketball national championship in 2015 (VIDEO)

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Former Kentucky All-American and NCAA champion Anthony Davis is currently having a ridiculous season for the New Orleans Pelicans in his third NBA campaign, but the center is still keeping tabs on his former program.

The 2014-15 Kentucky Wildcats have been No. 1 for the whole season as they remain unbeaten. Many have even asked if John Calipari’s latest group is good enough to beat the lowly Philadelphia 76ers.

We can’t settle the college vs. pro debate on the floor, but Davis is still excited for this newest group of Wildcats. He guaranteed a 2015 national championship for Kentucky in a spot with Red Bull. In a video and interview with Richard S. Chang, Davis makes some bold proclamations about the Wildcats.

“The team that will win the NCAA Tournament in 2015, the one and only best team in the world: the University of Kentucky Wildcats,” Davis said in the video with the energy drink.

He then leaned into the camera, “That’s a guarantee.”

Kentucky hasn’t captured a national championship since Davis and his teammates won in 2012 and there’s a sense of urgency to win another with the hype surrounding this current team. But Davis warns that the current team can’t feel good until they prove themselves at the end of the season.

“2012 has a ring and there’s a banner up there to prove it. Until [the current Wildcats] get a ring, they can’t say anything. And that goes for the 2011 team, the 2013 team, any year’s team, it doesn’t matter,” Davis said.

“This team right here is a great team,” Davis continued on the current Kentucky team. “The 2015 team, they’re an unbelievable team — a great defense. It would be a tough matchup.”

(H/T: Richard S. Chang at Red Bull)