San Diego State’s Dwayne Polee II collapsed in practice last season


San Diego State’s Dwayne Polee II collapsed during a practice a year ago, head coach Steve Fisher announced on Saturday evening during a press conference. The incident was similar to the one that he suffered this past Monday during a game against UC Riverside.

“Dwayne had a similar issue occur last year around Dec. 13,” Fisher said. “During practice, he looked as if he was stumbling and went down on one knee and on his side. Within seconds, we were at his side, and he was sitting up and stood up. He was monitored as the season went on and had no recurrences of anything.”

Polee has not been cleared to return to the court yet. Team doctor Allen Richburg told reporters that Polee still has some testing to undergo and the timetable for a return is not known. The previous incident is a cause for concern, although they do not know if the two are related.

“We are still determining the cause of the problem,” Fisher said. “Our major and only concern right now is for Dwayne Polee’s health. If and when he is cleared by the doctors to participate, then we will deal with that.”

Polee passed out on defense against UCR, stumbling before falling face-first onto the court. He was immediately surrounded by doctors and remained on the floor for 15 minutes before getting wheeled off the court on a stretcher. He was conscious when he left, waiving to the crowd and fist-bumping his teammates.

“It happened suddenly,” Polee said. “Before the game and leading up to the game, I was feeling great. It just happened out of nowhere.”