San Diego State forward Dwayne Polee II collapses during game, taken to hospital


San Diego State senior Dwayne Polee II was on defense tracking his man along the perimeter during Monday night’s game against UC Riverside when the forward took a face-first fall to the ground and collapsed with 11:08 remaining in the first half.

The San Diego Union-Tribune‘s Mark Zeigler was covering the game and witnessed the scary situation, as the game was delayed:

College Basketball Talk has decided not to include video of the incident in this post.

According to Zeigler, paramedics responded on the scene by lifting Polee’s jersey and attaching monitoring equipment to his chest. Polee spent about 15 minutes on the floor before being lifted onto a gurney and taken through the tunnel to an ambulance.

The AP reports that Polee was conscious when he was wheeled off of the court and his teammates came over and gave him fist-bumps. Polee also pumped his fists towards the crowd. San Diego State officials say that Polee was responsive and being taken to a hospital, but they aren’t immediately sure what happened. Polee also had electrodes hooked to him.

Obviously, we hope everything ends up okay with Polee and that he is cleared to continue playing again shortly.