NJIT prints t-shirts commemorating win over Michigan (PHOTO)

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N.J.I.T. can’t play in the NCAA Tournament as the nation’s only independent Division I team, so they have to celebrate other victories during the season. After the New Jersey Institute of Technology defeated Michigan last weekend, it was the first win — and game — against a ranked opponent in school history.

The win put the little-known school known for a losing streak on the national radar and the school is doing everything they can to raise awareness to get themselves in a conference.

It also doesn’t hurt if they can make a little money. After the school’s bookstore was flooded with merchandise requests from Michigan rivals, N.J.I.T. has decided to capitilize even more by making t-shirts to commemorate the win over Michigan:


This is a smart move by the Highlanders because the athletic department needs to generate revenue in any way possible with no conference affiliation to help back them. This is an amusing Christmas gift for a Michigan grad if it’s all in fun and you could probably get some laughs wearing this a few years from now.

(H/T: Brendan Quinn at MLive)