Second scorekeeping error in Harvard-Vermont game comes to light


For the second time this week, an error made by the official scorekeeper in Harvard’s double-overtime win over Vermont in Burlington on Saturday.

On Sunday, we detailed how the Catamounts were awarded a phantom point, given three points for a jumper that was quite clearly not a three-pointer. We also told you how the referees misinterpreted a rule when Harvard disputed score at the end of regulation; the argument was that this game never should have gone into overtime.

But maybe it should have.

Because a second scoring mistake has come to light thanks to Alex Abrami of the Burlington Free Press.

In the second half, with 7:57 left, a Harvard player fouled UVM’s Hector Harold. It was the tenth foul of the half for the Crimson, meaning that Harold should have gotten two shots. But after he missed the first, Harvard grabbed the rebound and play continued.

UVM missed out on a chance to make that second free throw. So they were cost a potential point, which cancels out the phantom point, which means that Harvard should have actually won this game in double overtime like they did.