One-handed Zach Hodskins plays first minutes for Florida (VIDEO)

Zach Hodskins (AP Photo)

One of the coolest stories in all of college basketball this season will be Zach Hodskins, a 6-foot-4 preferred walk-on that will spend the season as Florida’s “Victory Formation”.

What makes Hodskins so special is that he’s playing basketball at one of the nation’s premiere programs despite the fact that he doesn’t have a left hand. Last season, when he was a senior in high school, highlight tapes of the Georgia-native went viral because, well, the kid can play!

Florida offered him a spot as a walk-on, and Hodskins decided last October that he would be a Gator.

And last night, he got his first minutes on a college court, playing the final 2:06 as Florida ran over William & Mary, 68-45:

Hodskins, as you can see in that video, entered to a standing ovation, but he was only able to get off one shot — a driving layup that didn’t go down.

“It’s kinda like the first time I did public speaking. I was really nervous, then after I did it once I was fine. I think that I’m gonna be fine if I get in again,” Hodskins, whose parents were in attendance, told the Alligator, Florida’s student newspaper.

“I’ve always dreamed of being here, and tonight I feel like I fulfilled that dream and now I’m just gonna take the next step forward,” he added.

(h/t for finding the video)