Atlantic 10 will use 30-second shot clock in exhibition games


The Atlantic 10 has become the latest league to experiment with the use of a 30-second shot clock as the league announced in an official release that they’ll try the new clock in exhibition games this season.

The NCAA has allowed permission to the league to use the new shot clock, in exchange, the Atlantic 10 membership will provide feedback and data for the NCAA. The NCAA is looking into changing the shot clock into 30 seconds in the next few seasons.

The ACC will experiment with a 30-second shot clock as well and the SEC has polled head coaches, many of which are in favor of it.

A 30-second shot clock would change college basketball a little bit, but would you be for or against this move in the grand scheme of things? Is the 30-second clock a good or a bad thing from the current 35-second clock?