Renovations to Hinkle Fieldhouse complete (VIDEO)


The makeover for Hinkle Fieldhouse is complete, and thanks to the Indy Star, we have some pictures and information regarding what, exactly, was changed in the 87-year old building.

The good news?

None of the building’s charm was touched. The outside is still brick. There are still windows in the facade. The court is the same and the arched roof is still arched. The changes were cosmetic, meant to improve the fan experience and to allow the Bulldogs to keep up in the arms race that is college basketball facilities.

Butler replaced a number of the bleachers in the stands, adding 4,500 chair back seats at the cost of about 900 tickets — capacity is now 9,100 instead of 10,000. There is now a massive video board hanging above the court. Locker rooms and weight rooms were updated. According to the Star, the training area is now six times larger than it was prior to the renovations.

(h/t Nordy)