Northern Colorado head coach is Jackie Moon (VIDEO)


The Northern Colorado basketball team got a surprise appearance for Friday afternoon’s practice, as head coach B.J. Hill walked in as Jackie Moon, Will Ferrell’s character from the 2007 comedy Semi-Pro.

Hill went all out, too. He wore the 1970s afro wig, headband, and a full warmups of the Flint Tropics, the fictional ABA team Moon owned, coached and played for. Playing Moon’s hit single ‘Love Me Sexy’ in the background was a nice touch.

The reaction make the video great. Hill pulled a page out of Rob Senderoff’s Halloween playbook. Last year, he wore the entire Flint Tropics uniform for Kent State’s Hoops ‘n’ Halloween.

Hill is entering his fifth season with Northern Colorado, a team that finished 18-14 (11-9 Big Sky) in 2013-2014.