Chris Mack and his daughters performed ‘Paul Revere’ by the Beastie Boys (PHOTO/VIDEO)

Instagram/XU Athletics

Xavier held its annual Musketeer Madness at the Cintas Center on Friday night.

For the second year in a row, head coach Chris Mack has had a memorable entrance, both times being introduced as a famous hip hop artists. Last year, he came out dressed as Eminem from his hit single ‘Real Slim Shady’. On Friday night, accompained by his daughters, Lainee and Hailee — who have previously starred in the family’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ parody — entered the night’s festivities as the Beastie Boys. The three Macks performed ‘Paul Revere’, too. In 2012, Mack and his daughters danced to Michael Jackson on stage, as Jeff Riley pointed out on Twitter.

Here’s a clip of their performance: