New Mexico’s Craig Neal cuts hair for ‘Locks of Love’ (VIDEO)


Last spring New Mexico head coach Craig Neal and his son Cullen, a sophomore point guard on the team, joined an important endeavor started by senior guard Hugh Greenwood. Greenwood was in the process of growing out his hair in honor of his mother, who learned that she had a recurrence of breast cancer four years after an initial bout with the disease.

The goal was to grow their hair long enough to donate it to “Locks of Love,” an organization that makes wigs for cancer patients who lose their hair due to the effects of chemotherapy.

While the younger Neal and Greenwood, who has also set up the “Pink Pack” fundraiser to raise money for cancer research, have vowed to continue to grow their hair throughout the 2014-15 season, Coach Neal decided to cut his hair at the team’s annual “Lobo Howl” event Friday night.

Below is a brief video of Neal getting his haircut Friday night.