NBC SportsWorld has officially launched!


The NBC Sports family had some big news to share with you all this morning, as we launched a new longform site called NBC Sports World.

The link is right here.

The mission statement is right here.

The site itself, which will be headlined by the one and only Joe Posnanski, will be awesome. There is already a ridiculous amount of good content up on the site, and trust me when I tell you I would be saying this same thing if I wasn’t an employee of the same company. Tom Brokaw has a piece up on the Space Race that took place during the Cold War. There’s a documentary posted now about a plane crash that decimated a Russian hockey team.

I’d also suggest giving a read to this look at the cultural relevance of youtube written by former CBT staffer Eric Angevine. This will resonate with college hoops fans, as highlight mixtapes going viral has changed the recruiting game, particularly at the highest level of the sport.

The bottom line is this: NBC Sports has invested time and money into a site that is going to consistently provide you with quality longform writing and documentaries. Bookmark the page and check back frequently. You won’t be disappointed.