NCAA approves waiver to allow player with terminal cancer to play

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I’m pretty vocal when it comes to ripping the NCAA when there are stupid rules or rulings made.

But I’ve also made it a point to be quite open when it comes to praising the NCAA when they get a decision right. This week, they did, but that doesn’t make the story any easier to read.

Lauren Hill was a high school basketball star that decided that she wanted to play her collegiate basketball at Mount Saint Joseph University. But during her senior year in high school, Hill found out that she had an inoperable brain tumor, a cancer called Diffused Intrinsic Pentene Gleoma.

It’s terminal.

That was last October. In September, she got another MRI and doctors told her she likely wouldn’t make it past December. All she wanted was to play in one game for Mount Saint Joseph, and she’ll get her wish. The NCAA approved a waiver for the school to play Hiram College on November 2nd, nearly two weeks before the season actually begins.

Lauren’s entire story is told here, by WKRC in Cincinnati. Get your tissues.